Caring for Your Dental Fillings Is Just As Important As Having Them As Protection For Your Teeth

Nov 01, 2019

Are you finding yourselves in a conundrum because your child has been advised dental fillings because of cavities in his or her mouth? The pediatric dentist near you may have advised you that the fillings are essential if you want your child to maintain proper oral hygiene. He or she may even have recommended you to visit the pediatric dentist in 29210 for the fillings. However, have you inquired how your child should be caring for the dental fillings placed in the mouth? If not, give this matter the importance it deserves by asking questions to the pediatric dentist near you and make sure you have understood every answer they provide.

Why You Should Teach Your Child The Necessity To Care for Dental Fillings?

The mouth of your child may begin to feel strange after having a cavity filled but he or she must not ignore the fact that the fillings need care from the moment the cavity has been filled. We are offering you some tips which can make it easy on your child to manage the fillings effectively.

Exercise Care Initially

Initially, your child will be anesthetized to numb the area of the mouth where the filling is being inserted. The area will require a couple of hours before it returns to normal. Until the anesthesia has worn off the child must be advised not to grind or clench teeth, bite nails, probe with the tongue to avoid upsetting the area or biting inside the mouth accidentally. The filling inserted into the mouth will require some time to set and therefore you must discuss with the pediatric dentist in Columbia SC about the type of material used for the filling and the time needed for it before the child can go about his or her normal activities.

Watch The Foods Being Consumed

It wouldn’t make sense for the child to have food from the side of the mouth where the fillings have been inserted. If the fillings require about 24 hours to set in the child must be advised to use the other side of the mouth when consuming food. The choices of food the child can have should also be limited to soft foods to prevent any likelihood of the fillings coming off.

Avoiding Extremely Hot And Cold Foods

Extremely hot and cold foods can cause sensitivity around the filling resulting in sharp pain. While this occurrence fades with time it does not make sense to play with the tenderness which exists during the first few hours after the filling has been inserted.

Exercise Care When Brushing

A soft-bristled toothbrush is suggested as an ideal option for brushing after fillings have been placed. It must, however, be noted that some care needs to be taken around the new fillings especially when it is still tender or particularly deep because it could be reaching your gumline. Care must also be taken when flossing to ensure the area of the filling is not irritated during the initial 24 hours.

Consider The Long-Term Benefits Of Dental Fillings

When you opt to have dental fillings in Columbia SC you will be advised not to smoke, have coffee or consume alcohol for as long as the anesthesia has worn off. If you have considered fillings for your mouth you may as well utilize this opportunity to consider the betterment of your health. Staying away from smoking will prevent cancer and also keep your teeth looking fine. Having coffee regularly or other drinks can stain your teeth to make you a regular visitor to the dentist for dental cleanings. Therefore it is suggested that you begin to look for your overall health along with the fillings you just had inserted into your mouth.

Contact Pediatric Dentist In Columbia SC If Your Child Encounters Any Problems

Dental fillings, especially in the mouth of children, tend to come loose despite the dentist making all efforts to ensure they have filed down rough edges to prevent this problem. However, if your child is noticing large parts of the filling coming lose you should be contacting the pediatric dentist in Columbia SC at the earliest as the tooth may need to be refilled.

When planning for dental fillings for your child you not only need to contact a pediatric dentist near you or in Columbia SC but also attempt to have all questions answered about how the child and you can both care for the fillings to avoid any problems.

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