Dental Fillings at Kids First Dental, Columbia

Dental Fillings at Kids First Dental, Columbia

Most patients at Kids First Dental will have at least one filling placed during their lifetime. Dental fillings in Columbia are used to fix cavities or repair broken, cracked or worn-down teeth. Your Columbia dentist may use either traditional amalgam or tooth-colored composite material to restore a damaged tooth.

Composite Tooth Filling in Columbia

Tooth-colored or white, fillings provide strength and stability in minor to mid-size cavities. A composite dental filling can be used to repair front or back teeth. The discreet material is more aesthetically pleasing to patients who want a more natural looking tooth filling. However, composite resin is more expensive than silver amalgam fillings, and some insurance providers will not cover the added cost of the restoration.

In addition, the process of placing a composite filling takes more time than with a silver filling because there are more steps involved. The affected area must be kept dry while the cavity is filled with the tooth-colored material. Regardless, composite fillings are the more popular option, chosen more often than any other filling material due to the aesthetic look.

Amalgam Dental Fillings in Columbia

Tried and true silver amalgam fillings are made from a mixture of silver, copper, tin and, mercury. For over a hundred years dentists have been using amalgam fillings. Today, it lasts longer and is more cost-effective than composite materials.

Because of the strength and durability, silver fillings are still the preferred choice for repairing back teeth or large cavities. The combination of metals hardens fast, so it is easy to use effectively in moist areas, like below the gum line.

Preventative Dental Care at Kids First Dental

The best scenario is to not develop cavities that need dental fillings. That is why the dentists at Kids First Dental strongly encourages preventive dentistry in Columbia. By practicing good oral hygiene habits at home, visiting your Columbia dentist as recommended and eating a healthy, balanced diet, you can significantly decrease your risk of tooth decay and other dental health issues.

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