Hospital Dentistry in Columbia, SC

Hospital Dentistry in Columbia, SC

Sometimes, your child may have a difficult problem that requires a lot of dental work, possibly even needing anesthesia with a pediatric dentist. Some factors that may lead to this decision also include anxiety issues and special needs.

Some procedures can be difficult and frightening to experience for people of all ages, but particularly young children. If your child has severe anxiety or needs complicated dental procedures, hospital dentistry is recommended.

What Happens During Hospital Dentistry?

A pediatric anesthesiologist administers general anesthesia. Your child will be unconscious for the entirety of the procedures that need to be performed, and awake with no memory of surgery. This process is entirely safe, and to ensure the best experience for everyone, there are a few key things to remember:

  • Kids First Dental will review all medical history for the best procedures.
  • You may stay with your child as the medication is delivered.
  • Intravenous sedation will keep your child asleep after the initial delivery—there is no risk of them “waking up” mid-procedure.
  • We closely monitor all of your child’s vitals, including blood pressure and heart rate.
  • You will be taken to the waiting room once your child has fallen asleep so we can carry out the procedure.

Comforting Your Child

We do everything we can to ensure your child is receiving the most compassionate care. As a parent, you have a special ability to provide comfort. Your concern will be apparent to your child, so prepare to remain as encouraging and calm as you are able. We encourage you to interact with your child during induction: talk with them, touch them, and even let them bring a favorite item such as a blanket or stuffed animal.

Remember, it is natural for a child to be afraid of this process. Do not be alarmed if your child reacts negatively, and understand that if you are asked to leave at any point, we do so out of concern for your child’s safety. Our staff must devote full focus to your child.

After the Procedure is Finished

While the process is routine and perfectly safe, there are some effects you should anticipate following anesthesia. Your child’s throat, nose, or mouth may be numb for 30 to 45 minutes, and sore throat may persist for up to two days. The site of surgery will also be sore. Dizziness, and sometimes vomiting, may occur. Carefully monitor any food or drink in the first hour, and only give them soft foods within the first few hours.

Your child won’t be able to go to daycare or school the same day. Some minor effects, such as sluggishness, may persist into the second day, so be mindful that a second day of recovery may also be needed.

Choosing the Right Dentist for Your Child

We know this is a scary process for many children and parents. That’s why Kids First Dental insists on the highest level of compassionate service. For us, that also means:

  • We also treat adults, ensuring you and your child both can be treated
  • We offer fluent Spanish service, because dental care doesn’t have a single language.
  • We have a loyalty program, keeping dental costs low.
  • We run a promotional $100 cleaning with exam and x-ray to get you started right.
  • We accept CareCredit financing.

Pediatric hospital dentistry requires a special touch. Our passion is compassion, which is why we offer adult services so your entire family can experience our level of care first hand. We draw on 10 years in dental excellence to bring a spectrum of solutions: oral surgery, endodontics, pediatric, and general dentistry.

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