Fluoride Treatment in Columbia, SC

Fluoride Treatment in Columbia, SC

Fluoride treatment is a critical way of ensuring continued oral health, by strengthening your teeth and minimizing the risk of disease. This is important for all people, but as children develop, early fluoride treatment is all the more important. Prevention is always preferable to fixing developed problems, and fluoride treatment is one of the best tools in our prevention arsenal.

We Use the Best Available Methods and Techniques for Fluoride Treatment

Your dentist is only as good as his or her experience and technology, and Kids First Dental prioritizes both our experienced knowledge and the best tools available today. We do this not only so that your fluoride treatment is the most effective, but also to provide the highest level of comfort. We want children to enjoy their visit to the dentist as much as possible, and so comfort is key.

How Fluoride Works

Fluoride strengthens your enamel, which makes it more resistant to tooth decay. While fluoride is present in many retail products like toothpaste and mouthwash, your dentist will apply a special fluoride treatment not available elsewhere. This treatment is stronger, longer-lasting, more effective, and perfectly safe. Alongside regular, good oral health habits like brushing and flossing, regular fluoride applications at your dentist are critical for long-term health.

Your Child and the Fluoride Process

Especially if it is your child’s first time seeing a dentist, or they’ve had less-than-stellar experience in the past, your child may be nervous. We are very sensitive to children’s needs. Our doctors and staff of dental professionals were selected not only for their clinical skill, but for their love of children. This combination of skill and caring reflects our team’s dedication to our family of patients. Rest assured, fluoride treatment is half technique, and half engagement and service.

Kids First Dental Promotions and Advantages

Because we know your children are the most important part of your life, we do everything we can to keep them happy and healthy. That’s why we:

  • Accept adults in Columbia, SC, so they can be treated along with their children
  • Speak Spanish, because the language of good dentistry is compassion
  • Offer a loyalty program to keep dental health affordable
  • Are running a $100 cleaning, x-ray, and exam promotional special
  • Offer CareCredit financing

Taking optimum care of our children means seeing the big picture. That’s why we’ll also see their parents, and utilize 10 years in business to solve all your dental needs: oral surgery, endodontics, general, and pediatric dentistry.

Make Your Appointment Now

We want your family to focus on what matters most, not expensive bills or dental procedures. That’s why we offer an experienced, affordable, flexible solution to dental care for your entire family. But the best way to treat you is preventatively, so make an appointment today and get your entire family on the road to perfect oral health!

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