Mouthguards in Columbia, SC

Mouthguards in Columbia, SC

Do you or a loved one participate in sports or athletic activities? Do you suffer from bruxism, TMD or unconscious clenching and grinding? At Kids First Dental we are proud to offer custom mouthguards in Columbia for our patients that are interested in additional protection for their smile. Wondering if a mouthguard might be right for you? We often recommend our Columbia custom mouthguards for patients that:

  • Participate in sports such as baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse and even martial arts.
  • Participate in athletic activities such as gymnastics, skateboarding, skiing or even rollerblading.
  • Suffer from dental conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorders or bruxism that frequently result in unconscious grinding/clenching that can damage teeth.

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About Custom Mouthguards

Although patients can purchase mouthguards from a variety of stores, at Kids First Dental we always recommend investing in a custom mouthguard which has been designed specifically for your smile. Many over-the-counter mouthguard options are boil-and-bite and one-size-fits-all, making them uncomfortable and in most cases not very protective. With our custom mouthguards, your dentist takes impressions to ensure that your mouthguard provides maximum protection and comfort, allowing you to enjoy the sports you love without having to worry about being uncomfortable.

Mouthguards which are sold over-the-counter for disorders such as TMD and bruxism are also known to be very uncomfortable, most of our patients reported discontinuing use after a few nights. With a custom nightguard in Columbia, you can rest easy knowing your teeth are being protected.

Benefits of Professional Mouthguards

As mentioned previously, professional, custom mouthguards are designed per patient, ensuring that each of our patients has maximum comfort and protection while they enjoy their activities.

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