Choosing the right family dentist can be difficult, which is why Kids First Dental is committed to standing out not only for our exceptional 10 years of experience, range of options, affordable solutions, and warm service, but also for our host of amenities. We know the experience of visiting the dentist for children can be scary. It can also be dull, both for children and adults. That’s why we provide the best amenities in the field. Forget everything you picture about a dentist’s office, because Kids First Dental is nothing like the others.

Arcade Room

Kids First Dental installed an arcade game room for children in the waiting area so that children have something to do while waiting. Not only does this keep them occupied, but associating fun with visiting the dentist was foremost on our mind. When waiting to have anything from regular dental work to oral surgery, having children play and enjoy themselves directly before puts them in a better state of mind. Of course, you are welcome to join your child in the fun!

Children’s Books

We also offer a wide range of children’s books. These are great for the child who prefers less stimulation than the arcade room. We make sure to have fresh, current, clean books which appeal to children of all ages.

Activity Toys

There is also a separate area with toys. Truly, we wanted something for every child. Children are unique and enjoy different things, and even their moods may influence what will keep them occupied. This is particularly true when they are nervous. Having toys gives them something else to focus on.

Televisions with Cartoons

A television was probably a no-brainer, but we wanted to be sure children not only have something to watch in the waiting room, but in the operative room as well! Yes, not only can your child watch cartoons while waiting to see the dentist, but they can also watch television in the room as well. This minimizes the fear and anxiety they experience by bringing a special level of comfort.

Television for Adults

We didn’t forget about the parents! We also offer television in the operative rooms for adults, too, complete with a remote so you can watch whatever you’d like. These are separate rooms with separate televisions, so our unique patients have the comfort they need.

Free Wi-Fi

Of course, maybe you’d just prefer to browse the Internet while you wait. We offer free wi-fi so you can browse the internet on your phone or other internet-compatible device. At Kids First Dental, we want you to have the most comfortable experience.

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