Primary teeth, often called “baby teeth,” will eventually fall out, but that doesn’t mean caring for them isn’t important. Your child’s primary teeth are extremely significant to health, well-being, and development.

Just like permanent teeth, primary teeth need both professional and regular at-home dental care. Decay can set in with primary teeth, and just because they’ll fall out doesn’t mean decay won’t cause a lot of problems. Visiting Kids First Dental within the first six months of the first baby tooth emerging is essential.

What do primary teeth do?

Around the age of three, most children have developed all of their primary teeth. These teeth do a lot for your child, such as:

  • Promote proper chewing
  • Help develop speech
  • Develop self-esteem with beautiful smiles
  • Enable the ability to focus free of dental pain
  • Provide the blueprint for permanent teeth development

What happens if permanent teeth aren’t properly cared for?

Primary teeth can develop cavities. Aside from the pain caused by cavities, infections can occur, causing tooth decay. Primary tooth decay is extremely serious, as it is infectious and can rapidly spread and lead to abscesses. A child’s immune system is particularly vulnerable, meaning quick, decisive action must be taken at the first sign of problems.

If your dentist identifies an infection, the tooth may need to be extracted, at which point a space maintainer will be utilized. Space maintainers help prevent adjacent teeth from shifting into the space created by the missing tooth. Such shifting can cause orthodontic problems in the future.

The example you set is important

While caring for baby teeth is critical because of the host of health problems neglected baby teeth may lead to, so is the example you set. Demonstrating the importance of good oral hygiene and the seriousness of regular dental visits will make an impression on your child. Since your child is at a sensitive age where habits are ingrained for life, it is important to take the lead in dental care.

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