General Dentistry in Columbia, SC

General Dentistry in Columbia, SC

Many people may not know that dentistry falls under an umbrella of many different facets. We will discuss the practice of general dentistry and what exactly it can do for you and your entire family.

As stated above, general dentistry can offer a large host of services and procedures, all of which have one common goal, to make sure that your natural teeth stay preserved and healthy for as long as possible, making sure your oral health is at its best, and to keep you looking and feeling great for a long time coming.

When it comes to general health, oral health plays a huge roll in how you feel. Time and time again, medical research has proven that there are links between your general health, cardiovascular diseases, and possible tooth or dental infections. With that being said, it is obvious that your general dental health must be properly maintained by you and your dentist alike.

General Dentistry Procedures

There are many modern dentistry techniques that are offered by general dentists. Some of these procedures include:

  • Cleanings and oral exams
  • Crowns and bridge work
  • Extractions
  • Dental implants
  • Fillings
  • Oral cancer screenings

Most dental offices all perform these tasks as a service for you as their patient. It is also not uncommon for dental practices to offer other services that would fall under umbrella terms such as restorative and preventative dentistry. By the same measure, not all general dentists include orthodontics or oral surgery as part of their offered or available services.

When to Visit Us in Columbia

It is essential that you make sure to visit the dentist either as soon as something is wrong or at least two times a year. If you find that you’re searching for a new local dentist and you live in Columbia, then the team here at Kids First Dental would be happy to help you on your search. Feel free to give their office a call as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation appointment to be seen by a general dentist.

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