How Are Dental Emergencies Handled with Kids?

Jul 01, 2020

What will be your reaction if a kid in the family experiences a dental emergency? These issues are stressful both for parents and kids. Parents may believe they can handle dental emergencies better than kids, but the problem makes parents unsure about what they must do to handle dental emergencies with kids.

The most common dental emergencies among kids are not different from adults. Kids can experience lost or broken permanent teeth, oral bleeding, a severe toothache, swelling of the face, or broken crowns or fillings.

Parents must initially assess the situation to determine what they can do in kid’s dental emergencies. It is significantly crucial for parents to stay calm without panicking and remember not to think about the myths about emergencies. Preparing themselves before the occurrence of an emergency with knowledge concerning general first-aid and simple steps they can take to ease the child’s pain will help parents to act speedily.

Handling Kids Dental Emergencies Effectively

Adults experiencing bleeding from the gums is not always a good sign. In most cases, the bleeding is a result of plaque and tartar breaking down the gums. However, the problem is not similar among children who do not experience severe cases of plaque and tartar. Some bleeding from the child’s teeth is normal and is just myths about emergencies because the child could be brushing too hard and hurting their delicate gums.

Broken Permanent Tooth

When the child breaks a permanent tooth, parents must retrieve the broken parts and keep them safely in a container of milk. If the child has lost an entire permanent tooth, it is particularly urgent to contact the dentist in Colombia within an hour for the tooth to be reattached. Parents can achieve the best results for the child following the advice mentioned.

Lost Crowns or Fillings

Cleaning the area to ensure food does not get trapped in the open space of the tooth is the first step to manage this issue. Dental wax can protect the child’s tooth from sensitivity until parents can reach the dentist’s office. Calling the dental professional for an appointment is something parents must not forget.

Severe Toothaches

When a severe toothache persists even after the child has tried rinsing and flossing their mouth with warm water to dislodge food particles from between the teeth contacting Dr. Mouna Bosler at Kids First Dental Colombia for an appointment to ensure the child does not have any untreated tooth decay or oral infection becomes essential. Parents can head to the nearest emergency room if the child is experiencing severe pain, swelling, fever, or difficulties with breathing.

Injuries to Soft Tissues

If the child has an injury to the soft tissues like the cheeks, lips, or tongue, pressure must be applied with a clean cloth to reduce bleeding. If the bleeding cannot be stopped, the child must be taken to a hospital emergency room.

Broken Jaws

Parents suspecting that their child may have broken a jaw must ask the child not to move the jaw. Tying a cloth or a necktie over-the-top of the child’s head will help to stabilize the jaw. Visiting a hospital emergency room will become essential in such cases.

Being Prepared For Kids Dental Emergencies

Parents must be prepared to handle kid’s dental emergencies effectively by keeping the contact information of the kid’s pediatric dentist or the local emergency dental clinic. Professional treatment acquired promptly ensures the best outcomes for dental injuries, including accidents.

Preventing Dental Emergencies Occurring in Kids

Kids are prone to hurting themselves in the mouth when playing around in the school or at home. They are susceptible to issues like broken teeth and injuries to the soft tissue. Parents can ensure certain precautions are put in place to prevent dental emergencies from occurring in kids in consultation with the pediatric dentist attending to the child’s needs.

Visiting the pediatric dentist for regular examinations and cleanings will help the dental professional to identify potential issues in the mouth of the child. The visits are also helpful to discuss preventive measures against dental emergencies or accidents with the dental professional. The child will be provided with protection to wear that will help to reduce the chances of dental emergencies taking away the concerns of parents about how such issues with kids should be handled.

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