How to apply Dental Sealants for effectiveness

Jun 09, 2021

The benefits of Sealants for your kids can not be over-emphasized. It protects the teeth from decay and bacteria that regular brushing and flossing may not reach. Sealants are one of the best forms of kid’s preventive dentistry and an important way to maintain healthy oral health.
Sealants are a thin plastic layer painted on the surface of the teeth to aid chewing and prevent and protect the teeth against decay. Tooth decay is quick to affect the fissures of the back teeth used in chewing; this is because food particles get stuck in the teeth fissures, making it difficult for a toothbrush to penetrate due to its tiny nature.


Children and teens are perfect candidates for sealants. However, adults who do not have any filling or decay in the back teeth can also get sealants. The best time for children to get sealants is when their permanent molars and premolars are out; this helps protect the teeth for a long time. For other children whose teeth have deep grooves and depression, it’s best to get sealants on their baby teeth to prevent teeth loss.


Sealants application is a comfortable and easy process that requires only a few minutes to have each tooth sealed by the dentist. These are the necessary steps in sealants application:
The dentist would adequately clean the teeth to be sealed with absorbent and dry them adequately to prevent swallowing.
The dentist will scrape the teeth surface with an acid solution to bond the sealants and teeth together.
The dentist will use water to rinse the teeth and dries off the water.
The dentist uses a brush to apply the sealants, which are a plastic liquid on the surface of the teeth. The dentist further uses a special white light to harden and set the sealants.


With proper oral care, sealants can last as long as ten years before wearing out. This is why it is essential to keep up with a routine dental check-up. A dentist would determine the state of kids sealants and decide when to reapply to protect the teeth continuously.


Keeping good oral hygiene daily is the best way to care for sealants. To further help sealants last long, kids should brush and floss twice daily with fluoride toothpaste to avoid chipping or damaging the sealants. Patients should avoid using their teeth to open bottles or for cracking hard nuts.
While Getting sealants is a great step, taking care of it is just as important. Continuous dental check-ups are important and another step to help clean and maintain the sealants.


They help protect the teeth surface that is vulnerable to tooth decay.
They are very safe for teeth and a person’s general health.
They do not require anesthesia or surgery in their procedure.
Sealants cannot be dissolved by saliva as it is made of fine materials that are long-lasting and
Sealants area painless minute procedure.
Sealants are not obvious and do not look different from the natural teeth color, so users should not worry about looking odd or develop self-esteem issues.
Sealants can be repaired if damaged and are an addition to patient healthy routine oral care.

Your kids can get sealants by booking an appointment with your pediatric dentist. However, if you do not have one, you can search for “kid’s dentist near me” to get a directory of a local dentist near you. If you live in Columbia or its environs, you can book an appointment with an emergency kids dentist in Columbia or a pediatric dentist in Columbia to help fix your kid’s sealant to protect their teeth.

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