Tips For South Carolina Parents

Jun 01, 2019

Some parents have a misconception that their child’s baby teeth are less important than their secondary teeth. However, according to the pediatric Dentist in 29210, the parents could be wrong. Patents believe that the baby teeth are temporary and are going to fall within a few years. But they need to be equally careful about the baby teeth as these teeth pave the way for permanent teeth.

Your child’s primary teeth are as important as their permanent teeth.

When Brushing Is A Battle

Some parents can have a tough time making their kids brush their teeth. Many kids don’t find brushing quite appealing and parents get on the verge of giving up. But as responsible parents you must keep trying and make efforts. Here’s a look at few suggestions for tooth brushing tantrums.

Go Easy On The Toothpaste

If the toothpaste is the trouble, brush their teeth with a small amount or even without paste at first. The main aim is to remove the food particles which will lead to plaque and bacteria, causing cavities. If you are worried about your child not getting fluoride because of not using a toothpaste, talk to a Pediatric Dentist in Columbia, SC for a solution.

Let Your Child Pick Their Toothbrush

Take your child to the store and let them pick a toothbrush of their choice. You will find many fancy toothbrushes. The child will get fascinated and may even pick two toothbrushes. Let them buy their favorite toothbrushes, but make sure they have soft bristles.

Make Brushing Family Fun

To encourage your child to brush daily, make brushing a family affair. When your children see you brushing your teeth, they try to follow it, says the Kid’s Dentist in Columbia, SC.

Baby Steps At First

Teaching your child that brushing is non-negotiable, is an essential first step. For developing the habit, keep the time short and slowly increase the sessions. After it becomes a routine, add time by singing songs or brushing your teeth at the same time, says the Dentist near me.

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