Why Mouthguard is a Good Gift for Your Smile This Christmas?

Dec 01, 2020

Children deserve a lifetime of healthful smiles. However sports activities injuries, middle of the night grinding, and cavities pose a significant effect on this. Mouthguards are the best present that mother and father can give to their child to shield the pearly whites.

A mouthguard is a dental gadget that covers the teeth of your kid. It ensures that the teeth, tongue, gums, and cheeks stay safe from injury brought by sports injuries. In simple words, a mouthguard protects the teeth from damage and reduces the danger. So, if your kid is an expert athlete, make sure he or she puts on mouth protection for the duration of sports.

It is also vital to have a well-filling mouth guard for your child. It shouldn’t be too cumbersome or make it hard to breathe or talk. If you need a custom-fit mouth guard for your kid to protect his or her smile, call a skilled pediatric dentist in Columbia today.

Types of Mouthguards

Below are the diverse kinds of mouthguards:

a) Custom Fitted

They are made through your dentist to match your child’s mouth. They are extra highly-priced but will suit perfectly. They are great equipment if your child plays sports like Cricket, basketball, etc.

b) Boil and Bite

Boil and Bite mouthguards are made using thermoplastic material. They are available at all types of drug stores. However, these mouthguards do not offer protection for top teeth.

c) Stock

They are very less expensive and are pre-molded. These kinds of mouthguards fit the upper teeth well to guard it against deadly face injuries.

d) Other Adjustable Mouthguards

Adjustable night guards frequently consist of sliding portions that relax between your teeth whilst you sleep.

Benefits About Mouthguard

Losing a tooth can be costly, embarrassing, and can make it tough for your little one to chew. Therefore, defending your child’s smile needs to be a pinnacle priority. In these instances, mouth protection can guard your child’s smile.

Here is how mouth guard can help the child to protect their beautiful smiles:

Wearing a mouth guard is a necessary precaution for children who play sports that involve physical contact. It includes boxing, lacrosse, basketball, soccer, football, ice hockey, or field hockey. Mouthguards, additionally referred to as mouth protectors normally cowl the top enamel. They are a superb way to defend the smooth tissues of the tongue, lips, and cheek lining.

Mouthguards also safeguard against serious injuries such as fractures of the jaw, concussion, cerebral hemorrhage, and neck injuries. Knowing how to stop accidents like these is particularly vital if your baby participates in geared up sports activities or different leisure activities.

While collision and contact sports, such as boxing, are higher-risk sports activities for the mouth, you can trip dental harm in non-contact things too, such as gymnastics and skating. Remember, repairing or lacking enamel can be high-priced and painful. Wearing a mouth guard throughout athletic things to do can help your kid avoid:

  • Chipped or misplaced teeth.
  • Nerve injury to a tooth.
  • Soft-tissue harms to lips, gums, tongue, and inner cheeks.

Tips for Caring for a Mouthguard

Now you know why your child needs a mouthguard. But you should also know the tips and tricks to maintain its lifespan. So, here are they:

  • Rinse after every use using a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Occasionally put the mouth guard in cool, soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
  • Always put the mouth guard in a strong container that consists of vents.
  • Never leave the mouthguard in the sunlight or warm water.
  • Check for wear and tear to see if it needs replacement.

Get Superior Quality Mouthguards in Columbia Today

When it comes to defending your little one’s mouth this Christmas, a mouth guard is a great gift. It shields from chipped or damaged teeth, root and bone damage, and enamel loss. Remember, a mouthguard isn’t able to prevent injuries totally. But, they can absorb a greater part of the effect. Ensure your kid wears this integral piece of athletic equipment from an early age.

If you want to make sure that your child’s smile stays well protected, contact Kids First Dental today to schedule a consultation. We’d be glad to look over you and your little one’s oral health. Our office is designed to ensure every visit is a fun experience.

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