Common Reasons for Emergency Dental Visits

Sep 01, 2019

A dental emergency can happen anytime and anywhere and it is important to be prepared for it. Most parents go in the panic mode when it comes to dental emergencies as most of the times, they are not prepared to face them. Also, some parents are not even aware of the emergencies that they may face and how to deal with them. It is important to differentiate dental emergencies that need an immediate visit to the dentist or emergency room and the ones that can wait till the next day. Here’s a look at some of the common reasons emergency dental visits.

  • Lost Tooth

According to the pediatric Dentist in 29210, many candidates for emergency dental care come with a knocked-out tooth. It can be a result of sports injury, decay, or infection. When your child has knocked out his tooth, it is better to see the dentist as early as possible so that he can figure out if the tooth can be saved or not. If the tooth can be saved, it can be reattached to the socket. However, it is only possible if the tooth is attached within an hour or two.

  • When a Tooth Gets Broken

A broken tooth is also a dental emergency where you need to see the dentist immediately. The tooth can break due to an injury, blow, or accident. No matter what the reason, a broken tooth will cause pain and discomfort and you would need to take your child to the Pediatric Dentist in Columbia, SC.

  • When a Tooth Gets Chipped

A chipped tooth is yet another emergency that needs you to see the dentist. Small chips can be created by certain food items such as nut or chicken bones and bigger chips can be caused by an injury or accident. A chipped tooth is not only embarrassing for your child, but can also lead to injuries and cuts to the lips and cheeks. Thus, you must get a chipped tooth repaired by seeing the kid’s dentist near me. The dentist near you will fix the chipped tooth with the help of a crown, bond, or veneer.

  • When a Filling Is Lost

The filling can be lost more frequently than most of us assume. In case your child loses a filling, you may take them to the dentist so that further damage to the tooth can be prevented.

  • When Jaw Gets Hurt

When your child’s jaw gets hurt, dislocated, or broken, you must see the dentist or rush to the emergency room so that the doctor can offer the required treatment.

  • When Something Is Stuck in Tooth

At times, a piece of food or something else can get lodged at the wrong place in the teeth and can cause pain. You can try flossing your child’s teeth at home but in case it doesn’t relieve the pain, you must take your child to the Emergency Dentist for Kids in Columbia, SC.

When to See an Emergency Dentist?

In the case of dental trauma, it is important to seek medical assistance from a dentist. In case of a severe injury such as a knocked-out tooth or broken jaw, there is no point seeing the regular dentist or waiting for them to resume their office the next day. You need to see the emergency dentist in such a situation immediately.

Professional help from an emergency dentist is important for alleviating the pain and restoring the functionality. The emergency dentist will make sure that the person’s smile doesn’t get hampered for a lifetime or they don’t face oral health challenges. Failing to get the right treatment can make your child suffer from severe dental issues in the long run.

Ways to Prevent Dental Emergency

  • You must make your child practice good oral care so that cavities and gum disease can be avoided as they become one of the major reasons for tooth-related issues.
  • Taking your child to the dentist for regular examination is also a good way of preventing emergencies as any dental issues can be diagnosed in time and treated.
  • Make your kids wear a mouthguard while participating in any type of sports activities.

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