Children and Dental Fillings: Frequently Asked Questions

Aug 16, 2019

Why Does Your Child Need a Filling?

If your child has cavity, then leaving it untreated would lead to the spreading of infection across other teeth. This is applicable to both- temporary and permanent teeth. The decay needs to be removed on urgent basis and once it’s done, filling would be required to make sure that the teeth does not get harmed anymore. Contact Kid’s Dentist in Columbia SC to know more about this process.

What Types of Pediatric Fillings Are Available?

Silver amalgam and gold fillings are quite common amongst adults. On other hand, composite fillings, which are made from resin and plastic, ceramic porcelain fillings, or glass ionomer fillings are also available as options. Pediatric Dentist in Columbia SC have detailed explanations for these options.

How Will the Dentist Choose the Filling?

The factors taken into consideration, by pediatric dentist Columbia are- location of the cavity, your child’s age, your child’s individual dental history, and durability issues related to your child’s age and activities.

Will the Filling Hurt?

Dentists know that children need to stay calm and hence, they try their best to make the child comfortable. Topical anesthetic is provided, along with nitrous oxide and local anesthetic. Ask the Pediatric Dentist Near You what exactly would help your child stay calm and also brief them about the child’s behavior so that they can recommend options accordingly.

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