Tips for Maintaining Teeth Whitening Results

May 01, 2020

Getting your teeth whitened is never a bad idea. It could be a way to take your confidence to the next level. A beautiful smile can significantly improve the quality of your life. Even then, how you get your teeth whitened is an important part of the process. It also matters how well you care for your teeth after the whitening treatment.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

It is the process of bleaching teeth with whitening agents to make them whiter and brighter than they are. Teeth Whitening can be done in anybody, although it is common among adults.
People who seek to have their teeth whitened often have different reasons for needing it. While some are looking for cosmetic improvement on their teeth, others have stubborn stains to remove.

What Can Discolor Teeth?

Finding out why your teeth are discolored can help you deal with the root cause of d your discoloration. It also helps you maintain the results of your treatment, should you consider professional teeth whitening treatments. Some of the major causes of tooth discoloration include the following:

  1. Food stains – foods and drinks are a big contributor to stained teeth. This largely encompasses the foods that have a lot of pigmentation. The residues of the foods and drinks can leave pigments on the surfaces of teeth, which then manifest as stains.
  2. Smoking tobacco – the use of tobacco can stain your teeth. However, this does not only involve smoking. Even chewing tobacco can realize the same effects.
  3. Alcohol consumption – alcohol contents are abrasive and can harm your oral cavity, including your teeth. excessive usage can cause discoloration of your teeth.
  4. Enamel thinning – this is very common with age. As you age, the structure of your natural tooth begins to wear off. When the enamel thins out, it exposes more of the dentin, which lies underneath. Since the dentin has a duller color than the enamel, your teeth will not be as white as before.
  5. Medication – some medication may do a lot to improve your health, but not so much benefit your teeth. Harsh medication can significantly tarnish the color of your teeth.
  6. Medical conditions – the overall health of your body can also affect the color of your teeth.

All the above reasons can cause discoloration of your teeth. There is, therefore, no shame in needing to brighten your teeth at any point in your life. Luckily, there are different ways to get it done, including natural teeth whitening techniques. At Kids First Dental, we emphasize on getting professional help with the whitening process. The importance of this is that dental experts in Columbia, SC take all the right measures to brighten the color of your teeth. Getting the best results has everything to do with finding a balance between the type of products you use, and the amount you apply on teeth.

Tips For Maintaining White Teeth

Whichever method you choose for brightening your smile, you must figure out a way to maintain the results. Your teeth will not remain white unless you are intentional about keeping it that way. Some of the tips to help you maintain the brightness of your smile include the following:

  1. Brush your teeth after meals – make sure you are brushing your teeth at least twice in a day. More importantly, ensure you brush your teeth after taking highly pigmented foods. Besides, proper oral hygiene plays a big role in the color of your teeth.
  2. Regular dental flossing – flossing is also an important part of your oral hygiene. It helps remove all plaque and tartar that might be stuck in your teeth.
  3. Cut down on certain foods – examples include wines, coffees, tomatoes, to mention a few. You also should tone it down with acidic foods like lemons and oranges that tend to corrode the enamel of your teeth.
  4. Use whitening toothpaste – this is the kind that will not only keep your teeth clean but will also help sustain the color.
  5. Annual professional teeth whitening – one great way to keep touch with your dentist is through professional teeth whitening. If you keep up with an annual whitening process, then you have a better chance of retaining the results for longer.
  6. Get treatment for oral problems – oral problems like tooth decay can tarnish the color of your teeth. Therefore, ensuring you get treated for dental conditions early enough will prevent tooth discoloration. It is also beneficial for your overall dental health.

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