Teeth Whitening in Columbia, SC

Teeth Whitening in Columbia, SC

Do you frequently hide your smile due to yellow, dull or stained teeth? Tired of trying store-bought teeth whitening products only to be left with sensitive teeth and damaged gums? At Kids First Dental, we are proud to offer professional teeth whitening in Columbia for our patients that suffer from discolored teeth and are interested in teeth whitening that actually provides results. Interested in a whiter, healthier-looking smile? Let us know at your next appointment with Kids First Dental. We’d be happy to evaluate your smile to determine if teeth whitening is the right treatment for your smile.

About Our Columbia Teeth Whitening

Were you aware that teeth whitening products sold in local stores are only designed to remove staining on the outside of your smile? While removing “extrinsic staining” can make a slight difference to your smile, the results typically are nothing to write home about. Many patients report suffering from tooth sensitivity and gum irritation following these store-bought teeth whitening treatments as well.

At Kids First Dental, we offer professional teeth whitening that is designed to remove both exterior and interior staining (also known as intrinsic). Prior to your treatment, your teeth whitening dentist in Columbia will protect your teeth and gums, reducing your risk for any discomfort or irritation following your treatment. Treatment typically takes about an hour and will leave your smile looking shades brighter.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening, choosing professional teeth whitening treatments has various benefits, which include:

  • Professional teeth whitening removed both exterior and interior staining of teeth.
  • Professional teeth whitening is less likely to cause tooth sensitivity or gum discomfort/irritation.
  • Professional teeth whitening provides results in one appointment (approximately an hour).

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Ready to brighten your smile with teeth whitening in Columbia? Schedule your appointment with Kids First Dental today, we’re always accepting new patients at our clinic and would be more than happy to determine if you are a candidate for Columbia professional teeth whitening. We look forward to brightening your smile!

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