What Dental Treatments a General Dentist Offers?

Jan 11, 2023

As you know, maintaining dental health is crucial for overall health. General dentistry providers are excellent resource that offers numerous dental treatments. General dentist near you treats patients of every age group. Therefore, instead of looking for different specialists for different procedures, you can get the most treatment your child will require in one location. Many general dentists today provide emergency dental care services.

Dental Procedures Performed by General Practitioners

The most common services by a general dentist include:

1. Diagnostic Services

The general dentist offers many diagnostics services to evaluate dental health problems. These typically include:

a) Dental X-rays 

Before recommending any treatment, Dr. Mouna Bosler first takes pictures of the teeth. It helps the expert determine issues in the gums, teeth, jaw, and mouth at the early stage. These include impacted teeth, decay, etc.

b) Oral Exam

The oral examination allows the general practitioner to determine whether previous mouth problems are healing and other concerning signs. A general dentist usually recommends patients get an oral exam at the dental office every six months.

c) Oral Cancer Screening

When the dentist spots unusual growth at the base of the tongue, along the throat walls, on the soft palate, and on the tonsils, he/she performs an oral cancer screening. It helps to spot the symptoms of oropharyngeal cancer or precancerous condition in the mouth. The pediatric dentist near you will typically perform it during the regular dental appointment. The process does not need any special preparation.

d) Periodontal Check-up

Periodontal disease is a chronic condition. General dentist conducts periodontal check-ups to:

  • Deep teeth cleaning.
  • Medical imaging for checking the jaw bone and gum health.
  • Measuring gum pockets.
  • Periodontal maintenance (includes cleaning below the gum lining to eradicate plaque and tartar).

2. Preventive Dental Services

General dentists also offer preventive services to patients. They minimize the risk of dental health worries. These dental services typically include:

a) Dental Deep Cleaning

General dentistry clinics can also offer deep cleaning to patients to prevent cavities and infection. Most general dentists suggest the procedure of cleaning every six months. However, in a few cases, the expert recommends getting more frequent.

b) Fluoride Treatment

Another preventive treatment that kids dentist near you will offer is fluoride administration. The procedure is simple. The patient needs to wear a gel-based tray for a couple of minutes. Then, the expert will paint the fluoride solution onto the tooth enamel.

3. Restorative Services

Restorative dental services restore the appearance and health of a smile after a dental trauma or other oral health issues. These include:

a) Crowns

General dentistry providers also help patients restore their damaged teeth using dental crowns. The procedure requires two or three visits to complete. In most cases, general dentists prepare the tooth, fabricate a temporary crown, and seal it. He/she may also fit and adjust the permanent dental cap that returns from the dental lab.

b) Dental Filling

Dentists at Kids First Dental perform fillings on patients looking to restore their slightly damaged teeth. The procedure is effective to stop the infection or fixing a minor cavity in the mouth.

c) Tooth Replacement Options

Other restorative services general dental clinics provide include tooth replacement options. These include removable dentures, implants, fixed bridges, etc.

4. Cosmetic Dental Services

To help patients feel confident about their smiles, general dental providers offer cosmetic dental treatments. These include:

a) Dental Bonding

The dental bonding procedure protects the teeth against cavities, chips, and cracks. It is suitable for all patients, including kids. During the appointment, the general dentist will paint the dental solution over the enamel of every tooth. Then, he/she will cure it with a special light. After some time, the bonded material will get hard on the surface and offer long-term preventive measures.

b) Veneers

General dentistry focuses on veneers to improve or restore the appearance of teeth. This tooth-saved dental restoration addresses the damages, imperfections, or deformities on the tooth. The pediatric dentist in Columbia SC advises veneers for kids’ teeth at the front.

5. Relaxation Services

The general dentist uses relaxation services to minimize the stress associated with dental treatment. The most common and safest sedative used is nitrous oxide. The dentist administers nitrous oxide in combination with oxygen. The laughing gas works fast to offer relaxation during the procedure.

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