When Does Your Child Need Dental Emergency Care

Feb 01, 2023

You can teach your kids about good oral hygiene, talking about brushing thoroughly, flossing diligently, and refraining from sugary and sticky foods and beverages but do you have any control over dental emergencies that can occur at any time? While your kid might report pain and bleeding in the mouth or refuse to eat, you might find it challenging to determine what is wrong with their mouth or whether they need treatment from an emergency dentist.

What Are the Common Dental Emergencies in Kids?

Chipped and Cracked Teeth

Children can chip and crack their teeth falling when playing. They might not experience pain from the impact. However, it might result in a dental emergency because the condition could worsen if left untreated. While a clean chip unnoticeable in the top corner of the mouth will not cause concerns, it helps if you keep watch on it and report it to the dentist in 29210 during their next appointment. However, if you notice a crack running diagonally or vertically across the tooth, you must seek emergency dental care for your child as soon as possible because the aperture can deepen and get close to the root of the tooth causing pain and structural damage.

Tooth Pain

If your child complains of tooth and jaw pain, consider giving them mild painkillers. However, if they don’t find relief within a few hours, you might consider scheduling an emergency appointment with the dentist at 29210. Excruciating tooth pain indicates tooth decay or root damage. The dentist might suggest filling a cavity or extracting the tooth to alleviate pain if it is a primary tooth.

Knocked out Permanent Tooth

Children losing primary teeth is typical to allow their permanent teeth to emerge. However, losing a permanent tooth is different because it is expected to remain in the mouth for a lifetime. Suppose a child loses a permanent tooth pick up holding it by the Crown without touching its roots. Rinse it in water and try to place it back in the tooth socket. If you can’t place it in a tiny milk container and see the emergency dentist for kids in Colombia, SC, to have the tooth reinserted into its socket. If the tooth is challenging to insert, the dentist will make a new tooth for your child that remains indistinguishable in their mouth.

Bleeding Gums

If you notice a pink tinge on your kid’s toothbrush after they finish cleaning their teeth, it indicates your child needs attention to eliminate the sticky plaque on and around their gums. While minor bleeding isn’t concerning, excessive bleeding is a problem that requires assistance from an emergency dentist. Excessive bleeding indicates an infection best controlled by antibiotics. Before considering using any OTC medications, visit the emergency dentist in Colombia for a prescription after setting up an appointment for emergency dental care.

Persistent Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is not a severe condition but is undoubtedly uncomfortable. Dentists can help with jaw pain, especially if your child complains about it and confronts challenges with chewing or opening their mouth. Your child could be clenching their jaw or grinding teeth, a common problem. The emergency dentist can address the problem by customizing a night guard for your child when sleeping, helping them relax their jaw and preventing damage to their teeth.

Swelling around a Specific Tooth

If your child has a specific tooth with swelling, the chances are high that the tooth is abscessed and needs treatment with minor surgery. Thankfully most children don’t develop a dental abscess. Unfortunately, differently-abled children facing challenges brushing or children experiencing dental trauma or pulpotomies earlier might develop a dental abscess needing treatment from the emergency dentist at the earliest.

Please schedule an Appointment with Our Kid’s Dentist in Colombia, SC

If you notice the symptoms described and are looking for an emergency dentist, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with our kid’s dentist in Colombia, SC, because the children’s dentist ensures your child receives the help they need to make them smile. In addition, calling the dental office for an appointment helps the practice to prepare for the dental situation affecting your child to provide the treatment required soon as you arrive at the dental office.

Children need emergency dental care whenever they complain about the issues discussed in this article. Kids First Dental — Columbia receives many patients with similar or diverse complaints and offers services to ensure your child doesn’t sit brooding for long. Consult the practice today if your child is experiencing any dental emergency.

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