Children and Preteens Can Also Receive Teeth Whitening Treatments

Nov 09, 2021

Ninety-six percent of people around America believe attractive smiles make them more appealing, according to the dental health society. It is why people are opting for teeth whitening treatments to retain their beautiful smiles. Although not spoken about aloud, teeth whitening for kids is also prevalent in America. Many parents feel they should whiten their children’s teeth but are unsure about the appropriate age to begin this treatment. Parents must ensure they are aware of the red flags of teeth whitening to ensure they don’t mess up with their child’s teeth and need help from the emergency kids dentist in Colombia.


Parents looking forward to information about teeth whitening for kids are suggested to continue reading this article to realize when they can select teeth whitening for children and how to get the treatments.


Recommended Age for Children to Receive Teeth Whitening Treatments


Although no age-specific time for teeth whitening treatments is recommended making many people indecisive on when to expose children to whitening products, the condition of the child’s teeth will determine when it is appropriate for them to receive this therapy.


Parents must understand that they realize primary teeth must fall out, and permanent teeth should appear before considering teeth whitening for their children. Primary teeth are sensitive to most whitening products. However, permanent teeth respond well to whitening products or gel.


Permanent teeth appear after 13 when it is considered safer and comfortable to whiten teeth. However, the kid’s teeth whitening near you recommend 14 at the appropriate age to provide your child teeth whitening treatments.


How to Use Teeth Whitening Products on Children?


You schedule an appointment with teeth whitening in Colombia, SC, because you think your child’s teeth don’t appear pearly white and want to inquire whether it is safe to use whitening products on them. You may not have information that familiar whitening products can have adverse effects on your child’s teeth.


The kid’s dentist near you may not recommend using bleaching products on children. The restrictions are because different brands available on the market have specific instructions you must follow when using the product on children. If the products do not meet the minimal threshold for use by children, the products are better avoided.


Hydrogen peroxide ingredients are best for teeth whitening and are in use by many dentists all around the country. Coating children’s teeth with hydrogen peroxide ingredients for around 30 minutes make their teeth appear brighter than earlier. However, the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide must remain low for your child’s safety. Highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide ingredients can affect your child adversely. Therefore you must select wisely to ensure your child’s teeth and health are not affected in any way when trying to whiten their teeth.


Who to Approach to Whiten Your Child’s Teeth?


Whoever you decide to approach to whiten your child’s teeth must have experience and expertise handling your child’s dental affairs. A qualified pediatric dentist like Dr. Harold Jablon, licensed and supported by a remarkable work portfolio, is perhaps the best approach to requesting treatments for teeth whitening for your child.


Please do not fall for inexpensive DIY procedures available over-the-counter because they create more harm than any good. Dentists know and will ensure the treatments they provide don’t affect your child’s health. Furthermore, the dentist also includes information on the best procedures you can adopt for protection from cavities, gum disease, et cetera.


What Are the Effects of Teeth Whitening on Children?


Children benefit by boosting their self-confidence and having a great smile from teeth whitening treatments. However, children can also feel the after-effects of the bleaching treatments provided using hydrogen peroxide ingredients.


Over 50 percent of children experience gum irritation after bleaching treatments to whiten teeth. Hydrogen peroxide is harmful to dental organs if used frequently. Tooth sensitivity is common after teeth whitening procedures in adults as well as children. Your child may experience some discomfort when having food and beverages. Incorrectly performed teeth whitening treatment can harm the gums by bleaching them. Unfortunately, many providers do not use bleaching chemicals suitable for children, and some worsen the situation instead of correcting the existing problem.


Dentists recommend the hydrogen peroxide ingredients do not exceed 0.1 percent for children because higher concentrations can prove disastrous.


Preventing Discoloration after Teeth Whitening


After taking your child for the teeth whitening treatment, you must inquire with the dentist about preventing discoloration to ensure your child doesn’t need frequent teeth whitening remedies. The dentist recommends you avoid or limit your child from having staining foods or beverages and ensure they clean their teeth after every meal. Injuries to the teeth are also responsible for discoloration, and in some cases, injuries lead to heightened production of dentin, causing your child’s teeth to become yellow. Therefore you must ensure children’s teeth are protected to maintain the results of teeth whitening treatments longer than expected.


Teeth whitening for children is becoming popular presently. If you must consider this process for your child, it is essential to act safely and contact a specialist like the one mentioned in this article for assistance if required.

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