How To Get Rid Of Teeth Discoloration

Oct 01, 2021

When a person’s teeth change color, other people around him or her would notice the change. This is because the teeth are one of the first parts that others observe when you talk or smile. Some people who have stained or discolored teeth might lose self-confidence and hold back their smiles. However, this is a dental problem that can be treated by a dentist. Ever heard about teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that involves the use or application of bleaching chemicals to make the teeth whiter. Teeth whitening unlike some dental treatments do not involve removal of the enamel (the tough outer surface of the teeth) or any other part of the teeth. However, if you don’t have a strong and healthy enamel, teeth whitening might not be the best solution for you. This means that people who have damaged enamel are prone to risks and complications if they perform teeth whitening because their teeth are more sensitive and the teeth whitening medication is meant to be applied on the enamel. In cases like this, you can see a dentist at 29210 to recommend other dental procedures that might be of help.

Note that there are teeth whitening medications that you can get over-the-counter. However, they are not as effective as the ones that are often used by professional dentists. Even if you want to use home whitening strips, you need to get guidelines from your dentist to avoid dental accidents or mistakes. People who perform teeth whitening at home might experience side effects if they are not careful with the teeth whitening medications. Also, smokers are not exempted from receiving teeth whitening treatments. Nevertheless, they have to quit smoking after their first teeth whitening treatment to enjoy effective teeth whitening results. They also have to practice good dental hygiene and visit the dentist regularly for dental checkups.

Can Children Get Their Teeth Whitened?

Of course, children can get their teeth whitened. However, certain terms and conditions must be followed by the patient and the dentist. As children begin to erupt their first baby tooth till their last permanent tooth, they are at the risk of getting their teeth discolored due to various factors or reasons. These reasons include tooth cavities, enamel damage caused by orthodontic treatment completion, bad oral hygiene, bad oral habits, too much consumption of fluoridated food or water, and many other reasons. Nevertheless, if your child needs to get teeth whitening, you can take your child to a kids dentist near you for consultations and guidelines.

Also, for your children to get teeth whitening treatment, they must have erupted or started growing their permanent teeth. They must also have strong and healthy enamels to prevent future damages and complications. It is also important that they complete their orthodontic treatments (if they are on any) before getting their teeth whitened. During children’s teeth whitening treatment, the dentist is required to take special care and make sure that they don’t apply excess hydrogen peroxide to the teeth to prevent teeth sensitivity that might occur after the treatment.

Parents should avoid using teeth whitening medications that are gotten from the mart or stores on their child’s teeth. If you would get teeth whitening medications from the store for your child, you can see a pediatric dentist in Columbia, SC. Nevertheless, if the dentists give the go-ahead for home teeth whitening medications to be used on your child’s teeth, you have to make sure that you monitor and observe your child whenever they are applying the teeth whitening strips to avoid mistakes. This means parents also have a big role to play in children’s teeth whitening treatments.

Teeth Whitening Process

To get a teeth whitening procedure, you have to see a qualified dentist. You can get your teeth whitening in Columbia, SC. After you have booked an appointment with the dentist, you would be informed about the time and date for your teeth whitening treatment. Since teeth whitening is not an emergency dental care, you can schedule a time and date that is convenient for you. Your dentist would also inquire about your medical history to prevent complications that might occur during the procedure and to check if you are eligible for teeth whitening treatments. Once you are eligible for teeth whitening, the process can begin. The dentist will begin your teeth whitening treatment by placing a plastic shield over your gums to prevent the teeth whitening medications from coming in contact with your gums to avoid gum irritations. After your gums have been protected, the dentist will apply the teeth whitening products that contain hydrogen peroxide to your teeth with a custom-made mouth tray that suits your dental structure perfectly. Once the tray filled with the teeth whitening products has been properly placed on your teeth, a heating lamp or laser would be shone on your teeth to allow the teeth whitening products to become effective. The dentist would do this repeatedly until the teeth whitening products are fully absorbed by the teeth.

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