Dental Crowns in Columbia, SC

Dental Crowns in Columbia, SC

Do you suffer from damaged or missing teeth? Noticed that it’s harder to chew or to speak properly? You might even suffer from low self-confidence because your smile isn’t what you’d like it to be.

At Kids First Dental in Columbia, we can help you overcome these problems by offering different types of crowns. The dentist at Kids First Dental will help you find the perfect crown to suit your needs. This will be determined on several factors including health, affordability, and your unique preferences.

If you’re wondering what a crown is, then wonder no longer. A crown, also known as a cap, is a cover that a dentist at Kids First Dental will place over the top of your tooth. This will restore your teeth to their original function, shape, and size. It can also return your smile to its normal appearance while helping it regain its strength.

There are many reasons you might benefit from a crown. If you have a cavity that’s too large to be treated with a filling, if you’re missing teeth and would benefit from a bridge, or you’re interested in covering up a dental implant, then a crown could be a solution for you. They also help with teeth that are worn down, cracked, weakened, or if you’ve recently gone through a root canal treatment. You might just want to fix a tooth that’s been discolored or is misshaped.

What to expect during the visits at our Columbia Dentistry?

It’ll take two visits to a dentist in Columbia to put the crown on. First, your dentist will prepare your tooth by removing the outer portion. This gives the crown room to fit. He’ll also get rid of any decay. He might additionally add to the core of the tooth for additional support. Then he’ll make an impression of your mouth.

You’ll get a temporary crown while waiting for the permanent one to be made at a dental lab. The tech will use the impression to custom-craft your crown. Once it’s finished, you will return to the dentist, and he’ll put it on, and then adjust it. Once he’s pleased with the positioning, he’ll bond it with cement.

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