Restorative Dentistry in Columbia, SC

Restorative Dentistry in Columbia, SC

When it comes to smiles, Kids First Dental is dedicated to protecting and preserving them. Unfortunately, situations do still arise where a tooth may need to be restored. Tooth decay, damage, and infection along with disease can impact much more than just the appearance of your smile. It can have an effect on the health, strength, and functionality as well! At Kids First Dental, we are proud to offer a wide range of Columbia restorative dental options that can help to restore the appearance, health, function, and even strength of your smile!

Restorative Dentistry

Have you noticed decay or damage to your smile? Interested in restoring your affected teeth? At Kids First Dental, our restorative dentistry options include:

Dental Fillings

We proudly offer tooth-colored dental fillings which can help to restore decayed, infected or damaged teeth while preventing any future complications. Due to the fact that our dental fillings are tooth-colored, they blend perfectly with your smile.

Dental Crowns

In situations where decay, damage or infection is too extensive for a dental filling, a dental crown can be a perfect option. Dental crowns are designed to completely cover your affected tooth, providing additional strength and protection.

Dental Bridges

Are you missing one or several teeth in a row? Dental bridges are an excellent treatment option for restoring missing teeth. Dental bridges can be secured using dental crowns or even dental implants depending upon your exact situation.


Dentures are another great option for patients that are missing most or all of their teeth in an arch (either top or bottom). We design our dentures to look as much like a natural smile as possible.

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Ready to restore your smile? Contact Kids First Dental today to schedule an appointment for one of our affordable cosmetic dentistry options. We are always accepting new patients at our Columbia cosmetic dentistry, and we would be more than happy to evaluate your smile and overall oral health to determine which service for cosmetic dentistry near you would be best to improve your smile.

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